The candidacy of an Argentine doctor to the Nobel Peace Prize is being promoted

It is Alejandro Roisentul, who cares for the wounded in the Syrian civil war on Israeli soil. The “Friends of Ziv” launched this week a global campaign to nominate doctors in Israel’s service to the Nobel Peace Prize. The idea came up with the famous presenter of the American TV Conan O’Brien, who was impressed by the testimony of the Argentine doctor Alejandro Roisentul, of the Israel Hospital Ziv, located near the border with Syria. Roisentul, 53, is a maxillofacial surgeon and director of the Maxillofacial Surgery Unit of what has been transformed into a war hospital.

For years he was looking for an explanation to his decision to remain in a high conflict zone, always in the midst of bombings and the aridity of constant war, when his capacity as a doctor could have taken him to destinations of comfort and economic growth. “It’s a humanitarian issue. These people are helpless because there are no hospitals in Syria. More than 15 thousand doctors have left the country since the civil war began. More than 80% of the sanitary facilities are damaged, “said the doctor. But one afternoon, he said, seven Syrian patients extremely injured arrived at the hospital emergency. Bones broken, blows, bruised to the bone and helpless. Although they played for the team of “enemies,” they were treated within the hospital with the same protocols as the Israelis themselves. As of 2013, in silence and under the banner of the same conflict for the next five years about 4.00 Syrian – 17% of them, children – were taken care by “enemy hands” on the other side of the border. In most cases, patients arrive unconscious, after having been injured for two or three days in the territory, decompensated, without identification and, much less, clinical history.

"I remember having been operating while the hospital was bombed," Roisentul recalled.

One day he treated a six-year-old Syrian girl with diabetes problems. She went to the hospital to look for insulin that she then took to her village and buried it so as not to be discovered. After leaving the hospital, the girl said goodbye emotionally, grateful for the treatment received and then Roisentul understood that medicine could be the remedy for peace.

“When this girl will become an adult it will be up to her to decide between continuing to wage war against those who healed her or to sign peace; I hope she will choose Peace,” Roisentul said.

This week, in Miami Beach, Roisentul spoke with a group of people from the “Life & Hope Project”, committed to raising awareness about the humanitarian work of Israel’s doctors in Israel and around the world. Among them were Rabbi Moshe Pitchon, Alicia Giser, Argentine pediatrician Andy Cotton, Argentine physician and founder of “Latinas For Health” Jazmín Treni, benefactors Eduardo González and Jerry Cody, Graciela Perez Lastra, Walter Moyano and local businessmen like Luis Bebchick and his wife, Laura. “Because the health professionals in Israel are building relationships person to person, one on one, no other effort is as successful in achieving dialogue and cooperation and sowing the prospects for peace and understanding. That’s why they deserve the recognition of the world and the Nobel Peace Prize, “explained Rabbi Moshe Pitchon of the Friend of Ziv Foundation in his speech.

The foundation seeks to raise 2 million dollars to expand the Hospital. For this, they will hold a gala at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami on December 9 of this year. About Alejandro Roisentul He was born in 1964 in Buenos Aires. He graduated as a dentist at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in 1986. In 1990 he joined the Israeli Army as a dentist, until 1998 when he began working at the Ziv Hospital in the city of Safed. In between, he specialized in England as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. In 2013, when the civil war broke out in Syria, the wounded from the other side of the border began arriving at the Israeli hospital, located 40 km away. As of today, 4 thousand who have crossed, 17% of them children.
Roisentul was honored by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons with the Special Award of the Board of Trustees and later declared Outstanding Personality in the field of Human Rights by the legislature of Buenos Aires in Argentina.  [ Source – ]


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