Life & Hope Awards

Red Carpet Gala

Thursday, March 21st 2019
Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida

A celebration of human goodness and compassion.

The opportunity to mingle with entrepreneurs, visionaries, thinkers, human beings who care about a better world

One of the most entertaining and inspirational evenings of the year.

Life and Hope Humanitarian Awards


Medical Services Around the World

Dr. Salman Zarka MD

Dr. Rafael Gottenger MD

The Israeli-Druze Director of Israel’s Northernmost Hospital
Former Commander of the IDF Military Health Services Department
One of the Architects of Israel’s Humanitarian Assistance to the people of Syria

Venezuelan American Medical Association VP.  He has partnered in more than 40 missions with Operation Smile and volunteered on the USNS Comfort hospital ship that
provided desperately needed medical assistance to Venezuelan refugees.

Invitation to Support any of these amazing Humanitarian Causes

Brazil, a sheltering heart

The Project “Brazil, a sheltering heart” is launched. Fraternity without Borders builds and keeps a sheltering centre, in Boa Vista, to support Venezuelan families that cross Brazilian border seeking for hope, struggling to overcome the worst humanitarian crises in their country.

Friends of Ziv for Venezuelan Refugees, gathering support to bring a team of Israeli doctors, medicine and vaccines to reinforce (Brazil) Boa Vista’s health services

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