To say that Friends of Ziv Medical Center is an organization that supports the work of a frontier hospital in northern Israel would not be wholly accurate. It would not correctly convey information about what this medical institution means in the large context of the State of Israel and the world.

For those volunteering at FZMC, Ziv Medical is a cause. The work of the hospital is a testimony of the State of Israel’s care for its citizens and its commitment to cultivate and strengthen a pluralistic society that many want the world to believe doesn’t exist in Israel.

Ziv Medical is also about Israel’s consciousness of its place and role in the world.  Its commitment is to provide medical assistance Israeli citizens as well as to those that knock at its doors seeking help. This is true even when those knocking at its doors are citizens of countries openly hostile to Israel.

Medical Institutions like Ziv Medical Center are rare. It provides a model to the world of what medicine can do, beyond healing the body’s ailment.

Recently TV host  Conan O’Brien went to Israel to film a special that was aired on national TV. On visiting Ziv Mr. O’Brien  said that Israeli doctors at Ziv treating Syrians deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. When Senator Ted Cruz visited Ziv he said he “had the great privilege of seeing the Ziv Hospital in Northern Israel where they have treated over 1,000 refugees from Syria wounded in that horrible Syrian civil war.” He then added, they ” have done so free of charge showing the heart and character of the people of Israel.”

When a departing 11 years old Syrian girl that had been hospitalized at Ziv for several months drew the Israeli flag on a piece of paper and wrote on it “I love Israel,” the eyes of every healthcare people at Ziv who took care of her while being treated at the hospital, were damped. They had never envisioned such a thing could ever happen.

It is these repetitive humane stories, occurring at Ziv, that motivate all of us, volunteers at Friends of Ziv to fundraise, create awareness, advocate for human rights and foster ecumenical cooperation. This is what we were doing in 2017 and how we are planning to double it in 2018. We hope you’ll find out in your heart to join us in all our activities and fundraisings.

Let’s not forget  the need of a well prepared and equipped Ziv Medical Center on Israel’s northern frontier, threatened by Hezbollah and an encroaching Iran.