Support of Ziv Medical Center Emergency Preparations

As an organization committed to support Israel’s northernmost hospital- Ziv Medical Center, we closely follow developments in Northern Israel.

The “Times of Israel,” depicted the current situation in the North:

“The Israeli army sounded alarms Tuesday night over irregular Iranian movements in Syria, advising Golan residents to ready bomb shelters and putting its air defenses on high alert.
In a message to local authorities, the army said it had spotted “abnormal movements of Iranian forces in Syria.”
The announcement followed multiple warnings by Israeli defense officials of a potential Iranian strike […] The army did not instruct residents to enter bomb shelters, only for local authorities to open public ones in case of emergency.
The Israel Defense Forces said it deployed air defenses in northern Israel and “there is high preparedness of IDF troops for an attack.”
The military called on residents to listen to security instructions as needed.
“The IDF is ready and prepared for a variety of scenarios and warns that any action against Israel will be answered with a fierce retaliation,” the army said.
A video released by the IDF showed soldiers setting up Iron Dome, Patriot, and Arrow missile defense systems.
The military does not generally reveal its deployment of air defenses. Its decision to do so on Tuesday night was likely an effort to both soothe residents of northern Israel and warn Iran that it was prepared to counter a missile attack.”
Like the IDF, Ziv Medical Center, on Israel’s front line, is preparing for any eventuality.

Friends of Ziv Medical Center in the US is equally preparing to stand in support of the hospital’s need in such an emergency.