Ziv Medical Center

“If every Syrian child, woman and man return to their homeland, treasuring in their hearts the human encounter which saved their lives, a memory of an embrace from people who they used to consider enemies and who turned out to be human at the most critical time, and if every Syrian who leaves us lets his experience flourish—we may then be able to dream about a better future, for our children and for theirs.”

Dr. Salman Zarka

Dr. Salma Zarka is the Director of Ziv Medical Center, Israel’s northernmost hospital, located 7 miles from the Lebanese border in the north and 19 miles from the Syrian border on the east.

Prior to his position at Ziv, Dr. Zarka served as a colonel in the IDF for 25 years.

Besides having been the commander of the Military Health Services Department, Dr. Zarka was the head of the Medical Corps of the Northern Command and the Commander of the Military Hospital for the Syrian casualties in the Golan Heights.

He planned and established the field hospital on the Syrian border to provide medical services for Syrians who have been wounded in the civil war there.

Thousands of Syrian civilians, casualties of the civil war in their country,  have received humanitarian medical assistance in Israel a country they consider to be an enemy

 “I pray and express my hope for a better future for the Syrian people in their country. I hope that the helping hands that we extended during their need not just saved their life and contributed to their survival, but will also serve as seeds for a better future for all our children.”

Dr. Salman Zarka

in the front line of

Israel’s Humanitarian assistance

to wounded and sick

Syrian children

Not only saving lives, but giving them the possibility of a future

Israeli Doctor
This is our opportunity to join with Israeli Doctors and Hospitals to help alleviate the suffering of the people in southern Syria

Medicine: the Antidote to Hatred

Israeli Doctor
Israeli Doctor
Syria’s future,
peace and understanding
in the region
depends on today’s children.
Enough for a handful of them, upon becoming their country’s leaders  tomorrow
to remember Israelis loving-care
in their hour of need
this will not be wishful thinking