Ziv Medical Center is situated in close proximity to Israel’s borders with Syria (aerial distance 30 km/19 miles) and Lebanon (aerial distance 11 km/7miles).

The current threat of conflict in the region requires increased preparedness of the hospital facilities, both for the military and for civilians. Two reinforced operating theaters have been added and Ziv now has a 100-bed reinforced facility in the new Child Health Center by using the underground Auditorium. Ziv has held several successful emergency drills in the last several months but needs to significantly increase reinforced facilities, both in the Main Building and by construction of reinforced Surgical Building.

During the 2006 Second Lebanese War the hospital treated over 1500 civilian and IDF casualties while under direct missile bombardment. Following this experience, the need for fortified emergency capabilities and protection against conventional and unconventional warfare was evident.

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On talking to Israeli doctors who are tending to wounded Syrian civilians seeking help in Israel one  Ziv hospital’s doctor summed-up one of Israel’s worries
“If they can do this to each other, just think what they could do to us! What kinds of people do that to each other?””

“Considerable intelligence resources have been directed toward assessing just how well Iran has armed Hezbollah over the last ten years. If Israel underestimated the Party of God in 2006, they will not do so again (RICKS, THOMAS, E: “Why we’re on the verge of another war in Lebanon,” “Foreign Policy,” October 21, 2017)

For a week and a half in September 2017 the IDF Northern Command conducted the largest-scale drill of its kind in 19 years. […] The objective set for this exercise for the commander of the Northern Corps, Maj. Gen. Tamir Heyman, is to defeat Hezbollah. This time the talk is not of inflicting significant harm to Hezbollah, to deter it, or to quash its desire to fight until the next round of violence. “[….] Despite Hezbollah’s improved capabilities over the past 11 years, the increase in the Israeli army’s aerial, intelligence, technological and ground maneuvering abilities is significantly greater. If Hezbollah makes the mistake of thinking that its achievements in the Syrian war have prepared it for success against the Israeli army, it will pay a heavy price.” (HAREL, AMOS: “Analysis Israeli Army Can Defeat Hezbollah in Massive Drill, but Reality Is More Complicated,” “Haaretz,” September 06, 2017)